Harry Potter Theories

Theory no.1: Killing method

Ok, so when Harrys a baby and Moldy Woldy wants to kill him, why not just pick Harry up and throw him out of a window, I mean, he is a baby, after all, and it’s much less effort.

Theory no.2: Horcruxes

I’m sure we all know the Horcruxes, but if not this will contain SPOILERS! Anyway, you know how there’s a cup, a locket, a diary and about 4 other Horcruxes, well I have some better Horcruxes which will make Voldy live forever!

A. A penny, I mean how will Harry find that?

B. A grand of sand that he could just throw into a muggle ocean.

C. James and Lily Potter’s grave because Harry would a, never destroy it and b, not let any1 else destroy it.

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